Bishops Wandering and Blessing Animals

Tonight we will have a huge event on the campus of Christ Church. We get to host the three bishop candidates for the Bishop of Arizona. We will gather to hear them answer questions about their view of their vocation, their life of faith, and views of the local and national and international church.

This will be my third time through the Bishop election process here, in Western Michigan, and now here again. I want to share with you that while there are many difficulties in the process to be worked around and solved, the process in my experience has always been one that is soaked in prayer, the work of the Holy Spirit, and passion for the good of the church and the world.

As you come tonight, we get to join in listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit in the voices of these three candidates. We also get the additional opportunity to host our diocese here at home. The work of hospitality is one of the few direct commands of Jesus, and it is one where we can display what we believe the church to be and what we hope for our diocese.

Join us in this moment.

Sunday morning our focus returns to the local level, commissioning our Sunday School teachers to their ministry in our parish and moving up our students in Sunday School to their next classes for the new year. It will also afford us the opportunity to gather and check our perspectives about tonight’s revelations.

As we embody our mission to Know, Love, and Serve Christ together we take our stand in our diocese and with our children and ministers here at home.

Next Sunday we will celebrate with Saint Francis of Assisi with the Blessing of the Animals at 5 pm before the Evening Eucharist. All animals are welcome.