Take a Day Off

“Do you know what else is a dry heat? A nuclear blast.”

We all know the jokes about Arizona, and it is just getting to the point when we can’t joke about it anymore. The summer exhaustion is setting in, and the anger is just simmering below the surface.

Summer discipline in Arizona has to include self-care like water and electrolytes, and stress relief and maybe therapy. The heat can really make you crazy.

The Bible commands a sabbath of rest, a day off every week where you dedicate leisure to God. You could only walk so far, and you could only do the minimal amount of work possible to get to synagogue or even eat. It was a law!

We have sinned. We have moved so far away from that ideal that it seems counter-cultural to even mention it. Some of us can remember when you could not shop on a Sunday.

This discipline of rest does not compute in our cultural version of Christianity, but it runs absolutely in the opposite direction of secularism. Humanity, and especially Economy - that son of Mammon, should never be impeded.

If we are to be faithful, Biblical Christians, we have to learn how to rest. My day is Friday, for obvious work reasons. I try to rest on Fridays. And usually I do a decent job of it.

I make some allowances for chores that don’t use the same faculties as work. But even that is an excuse. Rest for one day a week as an act of faith.

Rest as an act of trust, that God will provide what you need. Rest as a statement of faith, that your hope is in God who loves and cares for you. Rest as a statement of what you believe about the nature of God.

Jesus taught us that God loves us, Abba, Dad. As a dad, I don’t love my kids when they perform. I would be worried about children that never rest. It would be hard to talk to them, to hold them, to have them receive love and care.

So, as summer sets in and crazy seems more close than God, try to relax, take a day off, and really rest in Him.