Christ Calls Us to the Building of His Kingdom

Dear Christ Church, 

We are followers of Christ, and Christ calls us to the building of his Kingdom. This calling is essential to our life as Christians, though it may not be something that you have consciously considered this week. As a Christian, you are a disciple of Jesus, and the work you do is in his name.

As adults, our vocation in Christ is ideally an extension of the work of Christ in the world. We help build his Kingdom through spreading the Gospel, sharing the love of God, evangelism, and missions.

We raise our youth to do Christ’s work in a couple of key ways. We teach and we give them opportunities to serve. To become mature Christians, they need information to guide them, but also need experience. CCA provides many opportunities for our youth to serve Christ in the world, but the most immersive way is our annual mission trip.

June 20 through June 26, the CCA Youth Group is heading to Mexico to help finish a house they built for a family in Puerto Peñasco last year. Our youth will work with a Mexican Youth Group from the Family of God Church in Rocky Point. They will work on the house from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily. During the afternoons, they will rotate to other mission activities that include helping with Vacation Bible School prep, visiting a local orphanage, and assisting with activities for kids with special needs.

Our daughters went on the trip last year, and someone sent us a picture of them sleeping on deck chairs, exhausted from a long day of work. That picture became a symbol of their time there and the hard work the group did for others.

Julie, Josh, and the crew from Christ Church do an amazing job of planning, organizing, and orchestrating the mission trip. They are looking forward to growing the relationships they began last year and meeting new people. But they need our help and support.

They are working to acquire materials for this project, including cabinets, counter tops, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room appliances and fixtures, flooring, paint, a water heater, and possibly a mini-split air unit. Their budget is very limited; every donation is appreciated.

So pray for our Youth Group. And check in to see what they need for their trip this year. When we hear of Rocky Point, we think of beach, sun, and relaxation. But in this place of vacation, there is also an opportunity for vocation, as real needs are sometimes just beyond our periphery.

Our youth have the opportunity to work hard for Christ’s kingdom; let’s teach them and show them how.