A Great Offering in Christ’s Name

Dear People of Christ Church,

We are celebrating both Ascension Sunday and Mother’s Day this week. So don’t miss church.  Get your reservations early for brunch so you can be with us as we rejoice for both moms and our church family.

Moms. A mother gives you life, and a mom gives your life joy and grounding. There are a lot of different kinds of moms in a church. Many churches in Arizona were founded by women, including the first Baptist church I worked at in Buckeye. There was a room at that church’s main building called the T.E.L. Room, for Ten Elderly Ladies, a Sunday School class that went back to the founding women’s Bible study.

One Sunday an older youth who was in a family crisis went missing, and her teacher and I went looking for her while the worship service began. We found her sitting at the large table in the T.E.L. Room with her head in her arms crying quietly. She told us, “I needed some moms this morning, and everyone else was busy.” I left her in the care of her Sunday School teacher who was just the mom she needed to represent those saints who were holding her through some tough years.

Christ Church of the Ascension is the collection of saints that we celebrate this week. Yes, we have an amazing campus, but that is not the church. We have beautiful worship spaces, but they are not the church. We have programs and ministries, Sunday School, choir, school, outreach, Habitat and PRM, but none of these are the church.

The church is the people who first began to gather in a living room in the 1960’s to begin to dream of this community. In some ways, we are still gathering and praying about who this church of Christ’s will be and do in His name.

Churches measure time in decades, and as we worship our way into our 55th year together, we rejoice in the saints who first gathered and who are still drawn to that dream of what we can do in Christ’s name here.

As we worship together, serve our community, and bring children and families and people young and old into God’s presence, we continue what began as a great offering in Christ’s name. Join us.