Happy Feast of the Resurrection of our Lord!

He is Risen!

Easter.  Finally.  This has been a long Lent at my house. There are all kinds of reasons for that, but one of the main ones is simply business.  Or busy-ness. Or both. And we always do stuff for Lent.  Daily office.  Prayers.  And of course, some abstinences.  I restricted my diet a little.  But mostly I have tried to focus on prayers and the daily office.  

We really get into Lent somehow.  Even people who are not all that Christian know what we do at Lent. Strangers ask about it.

What do we do for Easter? The King has been enthroned. Crowned and set in his place as the rightful ruler and the “ruler of this world has been cast down.” Sins forgiven.  The heart of God revealed to be as Jesus revealed, the heart of a loving Father, and not those other gods we carry around in our fears. God is good. Love wins.

So what do we do about it? How do we train our hearts for joy? How do we discipline ourselves for the beautiful and good?  N. T. Wright suggests mimosas for breakfast.  Maybe.  What about art - a piece a day? Dessert for lunch? A poem at dinner? A daily list of joys?

Your sins have been forgiven.  But you have even more been made a child of God, an heir to a kingdom, a priest of the God who would die for us rather than destroy us.  We are to herald that good news.  Tell somebody.

But how can they believe us if we look doubtful and downtrodden? We have to work on happiness.  We have to learn to revel. For he is Risen! and we are made new.