Christ Has Come!

Merry Christmas. As we begin our final run-throughs for this weekend, there are a few key things below that you need to know. But there is one thing that you should hold on to.

This year’s Sunday Christmas Eve means we have a 10:15 service before the Evening Services. And that is the only one on Sunday morning.

I hate cutting services out of the schedule, and for years I would insist that we never needed to. Once I walked to church in a blizzard in Michigan, and a few people walked in to join me, and to tell me I should cancel.

But there is a reality to holiness that I am reminded of this time of year: Sometimes less is more. Fewer words can convey what a profusion may obscure. “Let your words be few, for your Father in heaven knows what you need before you ask.” -Jesus. One well-chosen gift can overshadow piles of more. And one pause may put the whole story into place. Take time.

As you scan the services for next few weeks and make your final plans, be present to those you love and the God who loved you enough to come in the Son and be born for us. Be sure to take some time to be quiet with him and listen to him in the midst of the voices, carols, and prayers of the season.

Remember that no gift matches the gift of his life given to all the world.