The Very Center of our Advent

Dear people of Ascension, 
We have come to the period of waiting. Advent is about waiting and preparation. And I can be a very patient person. Sometimes.

But when I see the mess of our country, our world, my desk, I want them fixed right now. My desk is my dominion. I know that I could do something about that, but the world is not my dominion, and the little that I can do about the mess of the  world seems far too little to have meaning.

Is our waiting then to be useless? Are we just to hold out until Jesus comes back? No. Paul in Philippians calls the church an embassy, an outpost of the resurrection, that we see in Christ, but that is still not yet realized on earth.

The resurrection may seem like a strange thing to talk about in a season of super sales and wrapping paper. But it is at the very center of our Advent. In the resurrection is our hope! In Christ we see that the resurrection is about God’s mercy and grace and ultimate coming in fullness, bringing justice and peace to the earth, marrying earth and heaven.

That will entail a setting to right of things that we long for right now, relationships of power and oppression, economic fairness, and an end to the struggle to preserve life.

While we wait for that day to arrive, for our Master to return home as Jesus puts it, we are an embassy of that day, that life. We are to live in expectant hope as if He were already here and already reigning, though we know the world outside is not yet under his rule.

We model the peace and provision of God, and we do it by being generous in giving gifts, yes, but also honor, and forgiveness and grace.  So take up your wrapping paper, not in service to just base desires, but to the work of being the people of God, the household waiting, the embassy of God’s rule.