One Candle Can Push Back the Darkness

Dear Ascension,

This is quite a week, and when I am writing we are only on Tuesday. Already we have a funeral for a priest who served in tragedy with the Phoenix Fire Department as chaplain and went to both Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center bombings as part of local response. And at the same time we are reeling with the nation as another mass shooting has taken the lives 59 people in Las Vegas. We are still cleaning up in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and around the world.

Yet, we also are host to a Talent Show on Friday night followed Saturday morning by a Quiet Day led by our own Rev. Bill Young and hosted by the Daughters of the King.

These positive events can be overshadowed by the darker clouds of violence and death, but they shouldn’t be. One candle can push back the darkness. These old sayings are based in real truth.

I have been alone in some dark places, and a little light does not do away with the oppressive darkness hanging over you, but it can bring courage and hope and that calm mind that can begin to see a way out.

Do not neglect joy and prayer this week and the weeks ahead. God is redeeming the world, even in the midst of the violent chaos that we see. Let God use you, even if your role seems small. Whether it is lending a hand to a stranger or making a phone call you have been putting off, be a little light this week. The world needs it.

I want to say a lot of things about the events of this week, but instead I will do what we have been doing for millennia. I will lift my hands in prayer, my voice in lamentation and proclamation, and my little light in the dark. Join us and push back the darkness.