Day School Sunday and the Mission of the Church

Dear People Ascending,

We are here to shape the world in the name of Christ. That sounds huge when you say it out loud. Audacious. Pompous.  I know. Sometimes I have been ashamed to say things like this because I know how it sounds.  (And I wear a robe during the day.)

But you have to back up and remember that we believe in a God who made the world, loves the world, mourns for our failure and sets us free to live again as his children, bringing his love and hope for the world to be. We are to be shaping a world that looks forgiven and restored.

To be able to do that in the midst of our day to day lives, you have to have a vision of what such a world would look like.

Every weekend on this campus, we try to instill such a vision in our worship, study and service of Christ. But years ago, we realized that we could do more. We could create a place where that vision was instilled in children every day.

Christ Church School was started by this parish to be a mission extension of our Sundays into our weekdays. And every weekday on this campus there are children being offered a vision of what it looks like to be loved and called to love, to be creative, strong, and educated to make the vision of the God’s redeemed world a little more possible.

The teachers and staff work hard to create a place where the Rule of God is tangible on Tuesdays (and the other days of the week) in play, lessons, art, music, science, and coloring, and even in worship, study, and service.

This week we lift up our mission being lived out in Christ Church School. Let us welcome them with the love of Christ Church and rejoice together in our common mission and ministry and vision.