We Are To Love Others

Dear Family of Christ, 
At the sink in the men’s bathroom by the nursery is a folding wall and a step stool. The school is using them during the week for the kids in the Cubbies Room to wash their hands before they come in to class. 
Every morning they are in there scrubbing just in case. There are several children this year with severe allergies, and this little cleaning ritual is to keep everybody safe.
Now, I am often a little skeptical of all of these allergies. When we were kids, we all ate peanut butter and nobody died! At least, I wasn’t allergic to peanut butter. 

My selfish response whenever I am inconvenienced is to say something about how I never had to do anything like whatever I am inconvenienced by. But I am more than selfish: I am a Christian.
Christ calls us to think more of others than ourselves. We are to love others, especially those who cannot pay us back. To follow Christ demands more than just passively tolerating others; we are called to be proactive, thinking of ways to serve each other.
Paul says it this way, “Outdo one another in showing honor.” These little two and three year olds washing their hands everyday is an ongoing act of honoring their classmates who have an unseen weakness.
Maybe for us, it will mean not drinking when someone else may be an alcoholic, or refraining from bringing up a topic that may cause another to be tempted to sin. It may be that we just skip the peanut butter in our lunch. 
"Whatever you do to the least of these, you do it to me.” When Jesus said that, Matthew 25:45, I bet he didn’t have peanut allergies in mind. But he did have us in mind.
If we are to be followers of his, we have to humble ourselves and take up our cross and follow him, even to the sink.