The Secret of Easter: Don't miss the Second Sunday of Easter

Brass trumpets and the stops on the organ pulled out, we all shout Alleluia! on Easter Sunday, but the actual story is remarkably quiet. Jesus appears so quietly to Mary Magdalene in John's Gospel that she mistakes him for the gardener.

Matthew gives us an earthquake and the torn temple veil. But even in Matthew's Gospel, Jesus says, "Hi," when he greets the women. "Go and tell my brothers and sisters that I will meet them in Galilee."  They all go fishing and have brunch on the beach.  But I am always stopped by that nonchalant “Hi.”


The changing of the world is like that sometimes, a whimper and a sigh after the earthquake and the rending of the holy.  The wedding followed by the quiet embrace in the new day's shine outside the church. The child sleeping quietly upon her mother's breast. The first meal in freedom after the prison's gates have been forever shut behind you.

Easter is the changing of the world, but it comes so quietly that we can miss it if we run off to the next headline.

In Jesus's death earth and heaven were wed back together after millennia of exile, and in his resurrection, he now walks between the two as effortlessly as we cross the room, walk down the aisle, and sit down to eat. The resurrection means that with him we speak directly into heaven, into the throne room of God.

This Sunday we get Jesus walking from heaven into the upper room like it is no big deal. He shows up to deputize his disciples, giving them the same authority and power that he had, making them the new temple of God's presence on earth.

We are heirs of that authority and power.  We are the temple of God's presence on earth!  We will see on Sunday what Jesus tells us to do with that inheritance.  But right now, stop and be still.

Remember, this is Easter.  You have been made new, restored, forgiven, and filled with the Holy Spirit. You are God's own child, not because of anything you or your parents did. You are God's child because he adopted you and made you new on the cross.

Embrace him as a spouse in the quiet after the party and the worship. Lay on his breast like a weaned child in her mother’s arms. Take the bread of life he has given for you and eat. Drink deep of his new covenant. And breathe slow and savor his Spirit filling you with Alleluias and words of praise. Let Easter's joy fill you again.

Personally, I get busy and forget. I worry about the things I elevate too high and go rushing to the next headline. But this Easter, let's stop and breathe together.  Let us pray and abide with him who has made us new. Let’s learn together what he would have us do with all this joy.

Thank you to the Altar Guild and Flower Guild and Tom Peterson and Ann Hollman and the choir and musicians who have led us through Holy Week into the new day of Easter. And a special thanks to the Players and Josh Mungillo for stepping up and telling the story of salvation history at the Vigil.  This Holy Week was gorgeous because of the work all of you did.

Thank you, O faithful ones, who gather with us and generously support the work of Christ at Christ Church.  You are the children of God, the new temple of his presence, and I am grateful to praise him with you.

Happy Easter!