The acolyte program at Christ Church of the Ascension is open to all girls and boys 3rd grade through high school.

Acolytes  assist the celebrant (the priest in charge of a worship service) and enhance the worship service to help glorify God. Every action that is taken at the altar is done respectfully and in a dignified manner. Our goal is that the attention of the congregation  be on the liturgy and not on the ministers. The service of our acolytes is greatly appreciated. Serving as an acolyte is a commitment of time and talent to the Lord’s service.

Two to four acolytes typically serve during the 10:15 am service during the months of September through May. Additional acolytes may be needed at High Holy Days.

If you are interested in being an acolyte, please contact Director of Family Ministries, Julie Lyons, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..