Sunday School is Growing! Introducing Christian Education Hour!


We are excited by all the people who have expressed interest in more Christian educational opportunities! We know it is hard to organize multiple trips during the week so we are combining opportunities into a concentrated time on Sunday. Beginning December 2, classes will be offered for all ages from 9:15-10 am. After class, everyone in the Fourth Grade and older will attend the 10:15 church service together. Children in the Third Grade and younger will continue to attend the 10:15 Children’s Chapel in Ascension Chapel and then join their family in the church at the Peace.

Parents, please sign in all children as you bring them to their classrooms. You will be asked to complete a one-time registration form on your first visit. Your children will be brought back to you during the Peace.

Contact Julie Lyons at 602-840-8210 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Classes from 9:15- 10:00 am will be in the following locations: (No advance registration needed)

Class Ages Location
Cherubs Birth to 3.5 Years Nursery/Toddler Room
Sheperds PreK - Kindergarten Ascension Chapel
Prophets 1st - 3rd Grade Library
Apostles 4th - 6th Grade Teen Center (West Side)
Disciples 7th - 12th Grade Teen Center (East Side)
Christianity 101 Adult Rector's Hall (East Side)
Bible Study Adult Conference Room
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