CCA Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
The Greatest Story Ever Told Continues Fr. Thomas Davidson 2012-11-25 General Topics
Seabury Sunday The Very Rev. Dr. Logan McMenamie 2012-11-18 General Topics
Wealth & Possessions Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-11-14 General Topics
Sunday Sermon 11/11/12 Bishop Edward J. Konieczny, Diocese of Oklahoma 2012-11-11 General Topics
Sunday Sermon 11/04/12 Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-11-04 General Topics
The Pharisees Question Jesus About Divorce Bishop Edward J. Konieczny, Diocese of Oklahoma 2012-10-07 General Topics
Things of Absolute Value Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-09-30 General Topics
On the Road to Jerusalem Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-09-23 General Topics
...and follow me The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2012-09-16 General Topics
Boundless Mercy of God Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-09-09 General Topics
Choosing God Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-08-26 General Topics
Happy Are They Who Trust in Him Fr. David Pettengill 2012-08-12 General Topics
Holy Hunger The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2012-07-29 General Topics
Sent by Jesus Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-07-22 General Topics
Sunday Sermon 7/15/12 Fr. David Pettengill 2012-07-15 General Topics
Sunday Sermon 07/01/12 Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-07-01 General Topics
Quieting the Storm Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-06-24 General Topics
Parables of the Kingdom of God Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-06-17 General Topics
Sunday Sermon 06/03/12 Fr. Thomas Davidson 2012-06-03 General Topics
Hidden Purposes of the Holy Spirit Fr. Phillip Jackson 2012-05-27 General Topics