CCA Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Christ the King and Declaration Reverend Alison Lutz 2013-11-24 General Topics
Christian Suffering or Christian Inconvenience? Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-11-17 General Topics
Giving Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-11-10 General Topics
Zacchaeus' Reward Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-11-03 General Topics
Why Do You Do The Things You Do? Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-10-06 General Topics
The Rich Man and Lazarus: Wealth and Life Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-09-29 General Topics
Lost Sheep, Lost Coin. Reverend Alison Lutz 2013-09-15 General Topics
It's Great to Be Back Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-09-08 General Topics
You and Your Whole Family Bishop Edward J. Konieczny, Diocese of Oklahoma 2013-05-12 General Topics
Being Made Well Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-05-05 General Topics
Finding God’s Will Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-04-28 General Topics
Jesus Brings Peter Back Into the Fold Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-04-14 General Topics
Easter: Daily Resurrection Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-03-31 General Topics
Easter: The Biggest Party Bishop Edward J. Konieczny, Diocese of Oklahoma 2013-03-31 General Topics
Sunday Sermon 02/17/13 Fr. Thomas Davidson 2013-02-17 General Topics
Lent Like Jesus Bishop Edward J. Konieczny, Diocese of Oklahoma 2013-02-13 General Topics
Nazareth Turns on Jesus Bishop Edward J. Konieczny, Diocese of Oklahoma 2013-02-03 General Topics
Annual Meeting: The Body of Christ Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-01-27 General Topics
Sunday Sermon 01/20/13 Fr. Thomas Davidson 2013-01-20 General Topics
The Shape of the Christian Life Fr. Phillip Jackson 2013-01-13 General Topics