CCA Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
The Fighter Still Remains The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2014-08-03 General Topics
The Wisdom of Solomon Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-07-27 General Topics
Gracious Gardening: The Parable of the Sower The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2014-07-13 General Topics
Love your Neighbor as Yourself Reverend William K. Young 2014-07-06 General Topics
Abraham and Offering Gifts to God Reverend Alison Lutz 2014-06-29 General Topics
Sunday Sermon & Baptism Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-06-08 General Topics
Oridination to the Sacred Order of Priests of Elizabeth Blunt The Reverend Elizabeth Blunt 2014-05-31 General Topics
Easter is a Season, Not Just a Day Reverend Alison Lutz 2014-05-25 General Topics
Who Dares Stand Idle? Fr. Thomas Davidson 2014-05-18 General Topics
Wants and Needs Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-05-11 General Topics
The Primacy of Experience Reverend Alison Lutz 2014-04-27 General Topics
Easter Sunday: Food for the Soul Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-04-20 General Topics
The Raising of Lazarus: Reflections on Death Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-04-06 General Topics
Seeing as God Sees Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-03-30 General Topics
The Woman at the Well – An Icon of Evangelism Reverend Alison Lutz 2014-03-23 General Topics
Do Not Be Afraid. Trust God. The Right Rev. Kirk Smith 2014-03-16 General Topics
Temptation Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-03-09 General Topics
The Francis Factor Fr. Richard Rohr 2014-03-07 General Topics
There is No Answer Fr. Thomas Davidson 2014-02-16 General Topics
The Sermon on the Mount Fr. Phillip Jackson 2014-02-09 General Topics